Lower Cost Property Maps

We listened to feedback from property professionals who said the traditional mapping solution was clunky and over priced. So, we worked with them to build a mapping platform which is simpler, faster, more accurate and cheaper. Edozo Maps is now used by over 5,000 property professionals across the country.
Transform how you create property maps. Request a demo now to see how we can save you money on maps today.

Control Costs

Simple, low pricing with no subscription.

Accurate & Compliant

Accurate maps that are RICS and Land Registry compliant.

Simpler & Faster

Simple one-click property boundary maps.

Full Range Of Maps

Including MasterMap, City, Street, Town and Aerial.

Customer Service

Speak with a real human at the end of the phone.


Works across all browsers and can be exported in all sizes and scales.

Save time and money now with Edozo Maps.